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VERY Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Love what we are about but can't understand why we would launch one single product? Or perhaps, you are wondering why does one have to wait till December to receive The Reversible? Why would a clothing company write a book? We penned down the answers to all of these and more. Read on to get to know us better.


Q1- Why does it take 1 week to ship out The Reversible?

Ans- Hi there, we hear your concerns. The reason behind the larger lead time is the premium nature of the fabric we are using. The Recycled polyester fabric aka rPET coming from our Australian suppliers takes a long time to be made. Post-consumer plastic bottles are first collected, cleaned, shredded, melted and then made into yarn which ultimately becomes the stunningly smooth black woven fabric that we use! Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Plus, we have a really lean inventory as we don’t believe in producing waste by carrying large ones. Every time you order with us, you know that the order was tailor-made for you. And after all, good things take time, don’t they?

Q2- Is there any extra/hidden cost for availing the custom sizing option at the checkout?

Ans- Nope, none at all. Since we don’t carry large inventories and everything’s made to order, we don’t mind making the garments to your exact size as long as you get a fit which puts a smile across your face.

Q3- Why is The Reversible priced about 16K?

We believe that consumers have the right to know how much their products cost to make. And price transparency is nothing short of radical given the exorbitantly high markups being charged by the global as well as the Indian clothing industry. Some of the best fabrics of the world are used to make The Reversible. Moreover, the best in class pattern-makers, tailors and machinists put the garment together. As a part of our social responsibility, we pay all of our employees well above living wage. Here is a breakup of costs that constitute the price tag of The Reversible, minus the traditional markup:

Q4- Couldn’t find any stockists on your website, why don’t you sell offline yet?

Ans- We sell online on our own website exclusively to cut out the middlemen. This enables us to be a pure direct-to-consumer e-commerce clothing company and charge you the most honest prices possible. Our business model is quite simple: we source the best fabrics from around the world, cut out the middlemen and offer products which consumers truly want at their given price.

Q5- Why are you selling one single product?

Ans- We love fashion but there are just too many clothes around us getting wasted. Over 26 billion pounds of garments and textile waste reach the landfill every year. That’s not a good look for us humans and it's extremely rough on the planet. Our pursuit of responsible fashion makes us very item-driven. So, by launching one item or one capsule collection at a time, we are trying to find items that have a high product-market fit. At Redo, our aim is to dress socially conscious women on the rise. With your feedback and pain points in mind, we design clothes with functional features that are truly important for you. Our next capsule collection consisting of a few key versatile pieces launches in February.

Q6- Why are you gifting a book on the purchase of The Reversible?

Ans- It’s our way of saying thank you for believing in us. And since you are investing in a sustainable product by purchasing The Reversible, we thought you might enjoy reading stories of redoings and sustainable living. Our favorite part of the book is the series of exciting interviews we did with some extremely impactful women entrepreneurs.

Q7- Ermm, does the recycled polyester fabric feel like plastic?

Ans- Considering that rPET is a relatively new fabric in the global market and consumers don’t have much experience with the hand feel of it, your question is completely understandable. The good thing about recycled polyester is that it feels, looks and behaves much like regular polyester fabric. But the better part is that it utilizes much fewer resources of raw material, power, and water than to make virgin polyester! Did you know a lot of office & performance-wear garments at most retailers are made of polyester? And basically, polyester is a form of plastic. Don’t believe us? Have a look at your favorite pair of yoga pants from any big sports brand or even your suit jackets from fast-fashion brands, they all have a good amount of polyester content blended with wool or cotton. So, knowingly or unknowingly, you have been wearing polyester and maybe even like it! What’s best about our rPET fabric is that it is blended with a large amount of certified organic cotton and hence, it feels like a feather! We love how it drapes on our silhouettes. All things considered, by using rPET, you get to enjoy the performance benefits of polyester fabric like wrinkle resistance and stretchability without causing a negative impact on the environment.


Q8- Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Ans- Since the products are made to order, we do not offer any returns or exchanges at the moment. In the unlikely case of you not being satisfied with the fit of the garment delivered to you, we will be happy to provide alterations.

Q9- When are you launching more products?

Ans- Our next capsule collection with more convertible and versatile workwear pieces will be launched in April. Stay tuned.

Q10- How often do I need to wash The Reversible?

The Reversible comes in pretty dark colors so it doesn’t get dirty easily. If you drop something on it which creates a stain, spot clean it with a damp cloth. If the suit has got lint over it then use a lint-roller to remove it. (Patting it down with tape does the trick too!) Had quite a day running around the city getting things done? It’s quite likely that the garment smells of sweat now. Air dry it in shade to get rid of any unwanted smells. Once you have exhausted all other care options and have been wearing your trusty Reversible for a while, maybe, it is time to give it a wash. Put it in the machine washer on gentle cycle and tumble dry it on the most sweet-tempered mode. Use a mild liquid detergent to maintain the fabric's shine and softness. Love playing with bubbles and got a few extra minutes over the weekend? Try hand-washing The Reversible. We promise, loved clothes last.

Don’t see your question here? Email us at and we will be happy to help!

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