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Our first Capsule Collection has been worn by purposeful women in India as well as abroad. Seeing the clothes act in service of these ambitious women is hands down the most fulfilling aspect of our work at Redo. So, you can imagine how amazing it feels when we get to share their stories with you! Today, we bring the story of three amazing women we met during this season. Read on to find what they are redoing in different parts of the world.


Sonakshi wears the Flipside Shrug Dress in blue.

 Sonakshi Dhamija | Yoga Teacher, 26, New Delhi

Style Uniform: Creative Business. You may say it is lazy to wear yoga pants outside of one’s yoga class. But we can probably make an exception for someone who actually teaches yoga for a living! On normal days, on the run from one class location to another, she likes to keep it straightforward with (umm, you guessed it) yoga pants, a sports bra, and an athletic jacket. On a special occasion, you will find her in something more elaborate like a drapey dress. 

#RedoLiving: "Fitness has a lot to do with how we feel and very little to do with what size we are. Big bodied people can be fit and active without being a certain size. I constantly remind my students that being thin and being healthy are two different things. One must focus on maximizing the feeling of wellness. If you can wake up without hitting the snooze button or you don't mind walking to buy your groceries then, you are probably on the right track. Another way to guess your relationship with your body is to observe how you dress. Honestly, I love dressing up- occasionally. For me, its charm is retained if I do it without any pressure of perfection. On most days I like to wear comfortable normcore clothes. But, on special days, I like to make an effort and celebrate who I am." Trust Sonakshi Dhamija, an inspiring yoga teacher, to bring you a slice of Mysore style yoga to Delhi. With years of practice and constant learning, Sonakshi has mastered the delivery of intense Ashtanga series at the tender age of 26.

Currently Redoing:

  1. “I have started carrying a stainless steel straw with me everywhere and completely ditched single-use plastic straws that end up in the landfill or worse, the ocean! I also carry a steel water bottle in my bag for refills instead of buying new disposable bottles. Not only does the disposable nature of packaged water harm the environment but I also suspect that the microplastics are leached inside the water and ultimately, we end up drinking it!
  2. I prefer shopping for my necessities in local stores rather than online. Online shopping has a much larger carbon footprint given the emissions of last-mile delivery transportation and all the extra packaging required.
  3. I used to be a non-vegetarian a few years ago but I converted into a pescetarian some time ago. It helps me reduce my intake of meat. Food production already causes great damage to the environment, via greenhouse gases from livestock and deforestation done to create farmlands for fodder.
  4. This is probably the simplest one but I see very few people doing it. Switching the car off on signals is the least we can do to reduce our environmental impact while driving! So make sure next time you take to the steering wheel, you make it a point to turn the ignition off.”

Preferred Exercise: Ashtanga Yoga.


Puja wears the Silky T-Shirt and the Button-Down Slit Skirt in pearl white. 

Puja Laginya | Social Designer, 22, New Delhi

Style Uniform: Smart Casual. Long hours of research, fieldwork, and meetings call for clothes that are cozy, breathable, and lightweight. Puja prefers versatile separates which can take her look from day to night in no time.

#RedoLiving: "I am working on a project where I redesign the format of school report cards to highlight a student's individual achievements over marks. Shouldn't a child's unique challenges and triumphs take precedence over how much they can memorize to score well in a test? This Silky T-Shirt from Redo's collection is reminiscent of a blank report card for me. If the structure of your foundation is good, you can add beautiful layers to it, and make the best impression. For me, a strong foundation is important in both life and clothing. The key to which lies mostly in the little details." Puja Laginya is an aspiring Social Designer redesigning products, services, and amenities around her in a more wholesome manner.

Currently Redoing:

  1. “I've gone local for groceries. I prioritize buying from shops that are family-owned or in the neighborhood instead of big brands.
  2. Using public transportation like the train or the bus is a great way to be more economical and environment-friendly. Plus, it also makes me feel fitter than slumping into a car at the beginning of a day!
  3. Lately, whenever I have been getting a food craving for something special, I have enjoyed cooking it at home rather than ordering it online. 
  4. I also am very wary of animal cruelty when I'm looking for skincare or makeup. I swear by a few Indian companies who only use vegan ingredients in their cosmetics. And so far, they have served me well.”

Preferred Exercise: Dancing with her troop.


Kanupriya wears the Button Up Shirt Jacket and trousers from the Executive Suit in black.

Kanupriya Dhingra | Guest Lecturer & Ph.D. Researcher, SOAS University, 26, London

Style Uniform: Business Casual. She likes to keep it sharp in tailored basics when giving literature lectures at the university. During her visits to the Daryaganj Market for her Ph.D. research, she prefers airy block printed kurtas and a pair of mom jeans.

#RedoLiving: "It's a project on the life of books in Old Delhi's Daryaganj. I'm looking at the parallel, informal communication circuit of books here. How do books come into being, get circulated, reused, and, sometimes, come to an end in this market? It's also a project on how books interact with a certain space, in this case, streets." Kanupriya is writing her Ph.D. thesis on the relationship between books and space. She is back in India for research from SOAS University, London.

Currently Redoing:

  1. “I walk the distance if and whenever I can. If not, I use public transport. 
  2. I buy only what is absolutely needed. I avoid indulging in fast fashion brands as they produce insane amounts of clothing without any respect for the planet. I love investing in handlooms from Jaipur and thoughtful clothes like the ones by Redo. And I can't stress this enough, repeating my clothes is key for me. I love restyling my favorite pieces in many different avatars.
  3. I carry my own water bottle and a cloth tote bag everywhere I go. All form of single use plastic is a big no-no for me.”

Preferred Exercise: Zumba, Weightlifting, and, Yoga.

Now that you’ve got all the inspiration you need from Redoers of the season, what are you going to redo? Tell us in the comments below.

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