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We love fashion and detest waste. And when we couldn’t find women’s workwear which was beautiful, high-performance, sustainable and credible-looking, we designed it. On our quest to find out what constitutes good workwear, we spoke to over a hundred women about their experience of dressing up for work. After months of thorough groundwork, we narrowed our findings to certain key aspects which mattered the most to a modern woman. Read on to find out what makes The Reversible so special and sets it apart.


Did you know The Reversible is made of two amazing fabrics which are as kind to the environment as they are fit for your active lifestyle? On one side, it has a handloom cotton fabric woven by Indian artisans in a houndstooth-inspired weave. On the other side, it comes in a luxurious recycled polyester fabric. It is made from post-consumer waste; discarded plastic bottles to be specific. It's dyed with azo-free dyes in factories which conserve water. We are proud to share that this Australian fabric comes with 3 global standard certifications! (PS it's better known as rPET.) Both the times, it was love at first sight.


The words which come to mind when someone says, "handloom" include 'breathable,' 'lightweight,' 'airy,' and 'beautiful.' But we are not so sure what to imagine when recycled polyester fabric is mentioned. Our selection of rPET is not only pretty lightweight as per suiting textile standards, at just 200 GSM, it also has a smooth finish. It's no wonder that The Reversible glides on effortlessly and feels like a warm hug during winters or when the thermostat at the office is turned down a bit lower than your liking!


If we are going to bring our best at work, we might as well be comfortable while doing it. Our workwear has the right amount of stretch so that you can reach that top shelf with ease while maintaining a sharp structure which has become so symbolic of tailormade suiting.


Being a working woman has never been easy. With quite a lot on our plates, we have got better things to do than picking up dry cleaning. And anyway, who doesn’t want a suit which is not high-maintenance?  So we ensured that The Reversible is machine washable. Beat that!

While we personally find wrinkles in natural fabrics endearing and accept them as a residue of the day's work. We understand that on some days looking fresh and uncreased is important. We made sure that The Reversible stays resistant to unruly creases throughout your day. Neither of the sides wrinkle easily.


Well, this performance feature was pointed out to us by one of the first boss ladies who reviewed The Reversible. "Given that this garment is versatile enough to work as a suit, a dress and a jacket... It seems perfect for my trips to Europe. It's something I would like to travel with or even wear to the airport!" she said in a certain tone. We love the idea of being able to pack just one jacket which can be used to create multiple looks while we are travelling. The Reversible is meant to go places with you.

All the conversations with redoers like you and the whole process of designing The Reversible has been oh-so fulfilling. We hope to maintain a continued dialogue with you and periodically seek your feedback to design more transitional and timeless apparel in the years to come.

Until next time.


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