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  1. REDO’s next collection is postponed but rather than crying about it, I am focusing on a few more problems women have with their clothing. My sketches were already prepared but now they will have features I didn't imagine before. All this extra time during quarantine made me rethink them all one last time. After completing this list of 'problem areas' I am going back to the drawing board again. 
  2. I am alive and able to communicate with you all. Regardless of how patchy the internet has been. That's something to feel nice about.
  3. I can dance in close quarters to my weird country songs. I don’t care if anyone judges me. 
  4. As a designer, perfection in clothing can only be bought by purchasing time. So I am meditating a lot more on REDO’s next collection, honing my craft, and focusing on details. Time + Details = Luxury.
  5. I love food in small quantities. And I have ample time to cook these days. After I am done working on everything REDO for that day, I channelize my energies into cooking, savoring, and dancing. All this is a part of my decompression process. If you haven’t figured out what your decompression technique is then head to a blog post we compiled with the insight of all the redoers who follow us. 
  6. My father offered me two ‘Made in India’ t-shirts, with a high thread count, right before the lockdown was announced. You might wonder what is special about this? Exchanging clothes is more important to us than celebrating Raksha Bandhan together. It’s our way of showing that we remember you wherever we go. 
  7. My mother does heartfelt and thoughtful cooking these days. My father cleans the dishes. #RedoRoles #ShareTheLoad #BeAMan
  8. My brother works all day on his laptop because he is responsible for some crucial things at work. He does house chores with ease during his off time on weekends. #Professional #Redoer
  9. My husband works on his phone/laptop all day because he is an entrepreneur. He helps at home, even when no one’s watching. Because if someone catches him doing some housework I will have to bear everyone’s wrath (coz, duh, patriarchy). He also plays the best songs to keep me and everyone around him self-motivated. #HusbandGoals #RedoLiving
  10. I am just being myself these days. Crack the right joke at the right place so that everyone forgets that we are in lockdown. It feels good to make them forget the dystopic reality even for a moment. I see this as my responsibility towards my team, friends, and family. #Blissipline
  11. I am able to just take a deep breath and release all the negative thoughts on the balcony. Having a balcony that can accommodate me is a privilege in itself. #CheckYouPrivilege
  12. I try to feed the stray animals in our society. It’s a different matter that they do not accept the food I give them as it is not to their liking. Should I stick to bread and milk? #SharingIsCaring
  13. Homes are built one day at a time. They require daily/weekly upkeep. My family shows me that this is possible. That their house and even my home can work. If only you have a little bit of faith in yourself, the process, and the Universe.
  14. There are people who don’t have shelter, clothing, or food. We do and that’s called being privileged. I love giving the right thing to the right person in COVID-19 times. For example, I like reminding my go-to shopkeeper to sanitize his hands. You must share in the comments what makes you peaceful during the quarantine days?


CEO & Creative Director, REDO

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