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Boardroom-Worthy Workwear

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The Building Block of Your Workwear Wardrobe

A no-nonsense suit dress for women, with pockets, which can also be worn as a jacket. Check. 

A fabric which is lightweight, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, moisture wicking, machine washable & all-weather. Check.

No nasties for the environment during fabric and garment production. Check.

No exorbitant markups like luxury products. Check.

A modern classic built to last. Check.

We get it and we’ve got your back.

What sets The Reversible apart?

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Our Story

At Redo, we are rethinking workwear by using some of the most sustainable materials in the world tailored by workers in a safe and happy environment to create boardroom-worthy fashion which is functional and versatile. We took one year to search for reliable textile mills across the globe and build a responsible supply chain. Complete with meaningful features, The Reversible helps the professional and influential woman move through her day with ease. We believe that women are dynamic and so should be their clothes.

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